Social Media Recruitment won’t “fix it”, unless your expectations are clear.

I received an interesting call the other day, it was someone looking for a Social Media Recruiting Strategy. There was a need, budget and a willing partner, sounds good right?

We engaged in a dialogue around recruitment within the organization and it quickly became apparent to me that Social Media Recruiting Strategy (SMRS) was not going to be the “Silver Bullet” that was going to make all their talent Acquisition problems go away, yes, it was certainly going to help, but there were a few other things that needed to be worked out first.

This post is not to bore you with the recruitment practices within your organization but more of a “take Heed” that of course you should have a SMRS in place to attract candidates that you have not seen before, but you really need to understand how this SMRS is going to fit into your recruitment process.

SMRS is an “enabler” to an effective Talent Acquisition process, not the be all and end all solution.

I wrote a blog “Is my organization ready for a Social Media Recruitment Strategy?” , that outlines considerations before embarking on this journey into Social Media Recruiting. Have a read and if you’re confident, let me know and we can move forward.

The talent acquisition models have not changed since the early days of recruiting (find the best talent for the role), what has changed are the mediums, process and tools that make the practice much more effective.

Until next time,

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Video (6 Mins.) Building a highly effective recruiting team

I first saw this video at the RIS2011 and thought I’d share it with everyone.

If you’re not energized after this, let me know.

Closing Words – Sekou


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8 things to consider when looking back at your Social Media Recruiting implementation

I had a great chat with a few Social Media recruiting folks and I asked, “How do we measure the success of Social Media Recruitment implementation”?

In no particular order, here are 8 things you need to take a look at after 3 months of having your Social Media Recruiting Strategy in place:

1. What have you achieved in the overall process?
• How has the recruiting landscape changed within your organization? What does the Employee brand look like now? Is there more “activity” in your recruiting function?
2. Have you realized your reasons and goals for embarking on this journey?
• When you first set out to build your SMRS, you recorded a list of criteria that outlines what success will look like. Did you make it?
3. Have your resources delivered on their expectations over this time?
• Did everyone that was asked to contribute do so?
4. Have the technologies and tools you used provided you with the right channel for sourcing talent and engaging with candidates in Social Media?
5. What are your Returns on Implementation?
6. Is there a reduction in hiring costs vs. improved quality of talent, if these where part of your initial objectives?
7. What mistakes did you make and how did you learn from these to make your overall strategy a success?
8. If you feel the strategy was a failure, what better ways can you improve on your processes in order to ensure you achieve a reasonable success in the long term?

Can you think of any others?

Here’s to 2012,

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Know your organizational capabilities before building your Social Media Recruiting Strategy (SMRS)

A while ago I posted a blog,… 7 things to consider when building your Social Media Recruitment Strategy (SMRS)”  That post is what to do once you’ve decided to engage in a SMRS.  This post is what to consider before you plan your SMRS.  

While Social media tools and technologies are seemingly free or cheaper, it does require a lot of patience and commitment to make the implementation worthwhile. 

Assessing your Existing Resources and capabilities

  1. Financial – is there a budget for SMRS?
  2. Personnel – do you have a dedicated resource, with the right Skills? (An effective SMRS will require approximately 15- 20 hours a week).
  3. Time – is your organization dedicated to getting a SMRS started and completed in time?
  4. Partners – Is Legal, Marketing and IT going to support the build?
  5. Technologies – A look at the technologies and tools, including but not limited to ATS, RSS, plugins, widgets, applications and softwares, that will make your strategy seamless will be ideal at this stage.  A review of your own resources SM habits will assist you to decide on the technologies and tools that can be most applicable.
  6. Embracing a social media strategy requires a shift in mindset. In the past, recruiters were solely associated with their organization. Today, social networks require organizations to associate themselves with their people. For recruiters, this means demonstrating thought leadership on behalf of the organization, building trust and creating personal connections with members of a targeted community.

 What are your Successes & Failures?                                                                                    How will you define success in your strategy? (i.e. reducing hiring costs, attracting quality candidates, better employee engagements, higher staff retention, improved employer reputation, increased open communications, better corporate transparency etc.)

 How do we measure Failure as well?

 What are your Metrics & Deliverables?                                                                               Some of these ROIs may include the number of visitors to your website, number of clicks in Social Media, number of jobs viewed, number of applications made, volume of hires based on visits/clicks/applications etc.

 You may also measure the depth of conversations and degree of engagements you are having with candidates on Social Media eg Twitter & Facebook.

 Having a large and active community is always a plus. It is vital to be able to measure these indices throughout your Social Recruiting process and to be flexible enough to engage based on the direct the conversations are going.

 Remember,…. Social Media Recruiting Is still evolving and your strategy will evolve with it.

Until next time,                                                                                                                               Richard

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Who knows Social Media Recruiting??

I wanted to share a snapshot of a really great conversation I just had…

Mrs. ABC – Are there companies that create SMR tools/pages for other organizations….not marketing social media? I am finding the two are extremely different. 

 Richard (That’s me) – I wish my Rolodex (everyone under 30 is saying, “what’s a Rolodex”) was a couple of years into the future and then I could say “yes” and give you everything you need.  Unfortunately, there are hundred’s of companies claiming to be experts in the space, but no one is really hitting the nail on the head.  To your comment around “Marketing Social Media”,… that’s where companies fall short.  They rely on their marketing departments to deliver a recruiting message (would you have an eye doctor remove your appendix?), this is a losing proposition.  Build your SMRS and use your marketing department as a channel to promote your brand as an “employer of choice.”

 You reference SMR tools/pages – the cool thing about SMR is that everything can be built by the individual and all the templates are there.  Sounds easy right?   BUT, build your strategy first and then build the channels… that’s the hard part.

 Mrs. ABC – On a totally separate topic, we are struggling to find candidates in some of the remote ( i.e. out west) areas of the country.  Do you have any suggestions where we should look to find quality candidates in those markets?

 Richard – As much as you say “separate topic” when it comes to hard to reach candidates in tougher markets, an effective Social media channel is an extremely effective strategy to find those folks.  There’s a saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, social media recruiting is new and I will guarantee that results will be different.

 We just built a SMRS for a major retailer (I would imagine a similar talent pool to yours) and they are amazed at the new talent pools that they have uncovered, pooled, engaged and nurtured.

 Hope this helps,


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Identifying your Candidates & Communities

I recently wrote a blog What should my Social media recruiting strategy,.. DO? that talks about “indentifying” talent pools.  Someone has asked me to expand on this,… my pleasure. 

When you map out the profile(s) and the realities of who your candidates are, then you can begin to identify who and where your communities could be. Whoever you identify as your target candidates and communities, I recommended that you research more about their professional activities in Social Media before inviting them into your SMRS.

–      Where are they?

–      What are they doing?

–      What are they saying?

–      What are they saying about their employers?

–      What do they think about your company and your competitors?


It is useful to watch the conversations before jumping in with your own opinions. If you can’t find an active community for your target candidates, why not create one and nurture it?

Understanding who your candidates are and where these communities may be is a key step in assessing your Social Media Recruiting strategy.

 Hope this helps,


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What should my Social media recruiting strategy,.. DO?

The more we peel back the onion the clearer and simple the reason for a Social Media Recruiting Strategy (SMRS) becomes.  Don’t try to sell your SMRS as something it’s not, don’t over complicate or over detail the desired outcome.  Simply,… an effective SMRS should Identify, Pool, Engage and Nurture candidates.


This is the research stream where you need to find talent communities or individuals that could one day work for your organization, offer large referral networks, expose you to other talent groups or influence different communities to support you and your SMRS.


Invite individuals, talent pools and communities into your social community (“Like us” on FaceBook, “follow us” on Twitter, “Join our Group” on LinkedIn, etc.)


Share “relevant” content with the community to support your brand as employer of choice.  Not just jobs,… offer career advice, marketing messages, company insight or any message that makes your organization stand out from the rest.  “Engage” me enough so that I listen when you speak.


Continue to provide relevant information and build the trust bridges between the talent pools and your organization.  When the time comes, you’ll be able to ask the individuals if they or anyone they know are interested in an employment opportunity with your organization.  Very passive approach, but much more palatable to the individuals being engaged.

 Glad to expand on any of these points if anyone would like, just taking the approach that people are way too busy to read too much detail and I really to need to focus my posts to be in the 140 character neighborhood.

see you soon, Richard

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