7 things to consider when building your Social Media Recruitment Strategy (SMRS)

1.Set the goal(s)
– What are your expectations of a successful SMRS

2. What resources do you have in place or plan to have in place to manage the SMRS?
– An effective SMRS will require approximately 15- 20 hours a week.

3. Research and benchmark other organizations
– What are they doing in the space?  Equal important though, does your organization have the capability, boundaries and capacity to “follow” the leader.  If not, set this as a goal and work within your abilities to be effective.

4. Build your Social Media platforms
– To insure, build and support brand recognition, is the theme, message, look and feel consistent?  Also, make sure  that your social mediums interactive with each other, promoting and repurposing your message through all available channels. 

5. What’s your message mix look like?
– 50 % job related, 25% organization related and 25% people driven content, is a good place to start.

6. Include a centralized processing and reporting tool
– Eventually you’re going to want to focus your energies where the people and messages are most recognised, not to mention show an ROI for your spend.

7. Involve Legal and Marketing.
– You want these folks on your side.  Not too early though or you’ll get bogged down in marketing taking control and legal holding things up.

Did I miss anything? 

Have a great day,


About richardmatthews

Richard has been part of the Canadian Recruiting landscape since 2000 and is the founder of ION Groups which includes the RNG and HRNG on-line communities for recruiting and HR professionals. He is known as a thought leader and expert in Social and Professional Networking, Social Media and the evolution of Web 3.0 and is a featured speaker on these subjects at conferences and industry events. Richard is a Partner at Granite Consulting and is focused on building and delivering Social Media Recruitment Strategies to Granite Consulting Clients. ION Groups' connects "Like Minded Individuals", using our peer driven content, social networking and an on-line collaboration approach.
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8 Responses to 7 things to consider when building your Social Media Recruitment Strategy (SMRS)

  1. I think that point number 7 is one which can be where many organisations get stopped in their tracks. I have seen many time when recruiters attempt develop a social media recruitment strategy only for marketing to hijack or for legal to put in place policies which hinder the implementation of such.
    Marketing and recruiting need to work together in order to successfully implement this.

  2. The drag is that somewhere along the line Legal and Marketing need to be involved, the key to success is to know when to “involve” them. Getting them involved to early, will almost ultimately result in a battle of control, one which will be labour, time and success limiting.
    If recruiting can go to marketing and legal with the SMRS 80% complete (social mediums designed and laid out, content strategy in place, social media guidelines and policies complete, etc.) and simply ask for a review and content input, the SMRS will be an easier pill for the overall organization to follow.

  3. bizemom says:

    #8. Think “participation vs. posting.” Be prepared to engage with your audience. Social media is about participation with others and sharing ideas. Spamming without any personal interaction is not effective.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Great job on outlining SMRS in 7 steps. I am glad that you included the marketing team as they are essential in ensuring messaging is done correctly and reinforces branding. What about leveraging your IT folks in step 7?

    • IT folks are a tricky bunch and I’d hate to be the one who says “you must include them”. Believe it or not, IT can sometimes stall, or even bring the project to a halt. Social Media is so new and IT folks are treating the inclusion into their organization as just another system, looking for SLA’s, lease agreements and any other “Risk Mitigators” they can find. Really, do you think FaceBook is going to give anyone an SLA?????

      My recommendation is that each organization tread lightly when it comes to IT’s involvement in your Social media Recruitment Strategy. To take that one step further, if you need to go to IT, make sure you have all the answers and solutions to any problems they might ask (Chicken and egg analogy)

      Thanks for the comment, happy reading,

  5. This is a great and timely piece. You are absolutely right on with all 7 points. It’s my belief that #6 will become more and more important to organizations over the next year.

    Here at Linkup (we have a Facebook app for Jobs and a Twitter feed for jobs) and in early 2011 we’ve mainly been talking to HR about implementing our app on their Facebook “Careers” page because they say “we just have to have our jobs on Facebook”. Over the last month many of our calls have been with HR and Marketing talking about implementing it on their Corporateions main Facebook page. The conversations are more strategic, and much more talk is about branding. It’s great to finally see Marketing and HR communicating about Social Media, and companies realizing that Social Media is simply great marketing for your company and their jobs!

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