Social media, NOT another job board

I came across this interest article (2 minute read),…. Are you one of these folks that use Social media as the newest job board? STOP!!!! Social media should be part of your Talent Acquisition Strategy, not just another job board.

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July – Quick look at the recruiting landscape in Canada

Good news– The market is heating up again!!!
Bad news – Right in time for the summer holiday season which means it might take a bit longer to find that candidate, get that job or move through the recruiting cycle.

Interesting observation– We’re finding that the “passive” candidate still exists. I spoke to someone the other day (that’s right, I found their phone number and called), and we were talking about social media and how it’s become a huge part of Talent acquisition. He was quick to say that his life is busy with kids, work, outside interest etc. and the is the last thing on his mind was “checking out” what’s going on in the market or reading emails that are not directly related to his interests. I was quick to say, don’t you want to know who’s connected to who and what jobs are available that he may be interested in? ,… he replied, “I have a job that I like and I don’t have the time or interest”.

The point is, every few years new tools, technologies and processes present themselves as the “silver bullet” for recruiting. Remember when Job Boards came to the market? The not so good recruiters developed and deployed the “post and pray” strategy, don’t fall into the same traps with social media. Today there are billions of messages being sent every day and recruiters are relying on “real time” (post and pray) strategies assuming that everyone can’t wait to hear what they have to say. Successful recruiting and successful recruiters will always be the ones that Identify, Pool, Engage and Nurture candidates.

It doesn’t take much effort to find the active job seekers, you need to be proactive and work to find the passive candidates.

Until next time,

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Top 5 reasons to Hire a Contract Recruiter

  • Manage Increased Recruitment Activity – Organizations often find their recruitment team stretched thin and could use additional support.  A Contract Recruiter assists the recruitment function, for a desired amount of time, reducing the pressure on your team.
  • Mitigate risk – Contractors are payrolled and processed through Granite Consulting. They are hired for a specific term with specific goals.  These terms and goals can change based on organizational needs.
  • “Try before you buy” – We’ve spoken to a few organizations that will hire a contractor for 6 months. If they “fit,” they are often converted to permanent employees.
  • Headcount Conflicts – Organizations are often restricted from adding another resource until there are headcount and budget approvals.  Hiring a contractor resource while you wait can provide the support you need now.
  • Reduce Agency Fees – This is more prevalent in the small to mid-size organizations that may be considering going to an “agency” (=placement fees) to hire 2 or more roles.  Hiring a contract recruiter to fill those roles can save you up to 60% in any associated agency fees.

We’d love your feedback. If you’d like to reply to my blogpost, “Top 5 reasons to Hire a Contract Recruiter” please comment below or comment via Twitter @GraniteRecruits)

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State of the HR/Recruiting Landscape Q1 2012

Over the past few weeks we’ve been speaking to Recruiters and HR professionals about the “State of the recruiting/HR landscape,” and we all agree that, “the market has not been this slow for quite some time.”

With some economic uncertainty, corporate shortfalls and some of Canada’s leading organizations posting bad earnings and market positions, more companies are holding off hiring and instead, they are assessing their people and direction through the back half of Q1.

For the Job Seeker, it means the market is going to need another month to gain back some of the momentum we’ve lost.

For the employer, the current talent pool is very hungry and any opportunities that you have will spread like wildfire. It also means that the “passive” candidate has gone back into hiding and will not start kicking tires again until market activity is healthy.

Happy recruiting!

If you looking to hire, or you are, a Recruiting/HR professional, let Granite help, we RECRUIT RECRUITERS AND HR PROFESSIONALS.

until next time,

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What does Granite Consulting do?

Someone asked me what our company, Granite Consulting actually does:

Here’s the quick answer…We do 3 better than anyone else:
1. Talent Placement – we recruit Recruitment and HR Professionals. We can find you full time, contract or project based HR/Recruitment talent. Our practice is designed to address the ebbs and flows of your recruiting cycles and capacity/volume issues your recruitment team may be experiencing.

Granite Consulting offers one of the most robust Talent networks in Canada. We own Canada’s most successful HR/Recruiter networks (HRNG and RNG) giving us significant reach into the HR/Recruiting marketplace.

2. Strategy – not enough time in the day and too many recruiting projects on the go. We can help. Some of our latest projects include… Candidate Pipeline Sourcing, Social Media Recruitment strategy, Recruitment Diagnostics (identify and help address critical gaps in process and infrastructure), Infrastructure and System redesign (help prepare a client with an upcoming critical talent initiative).

How do we do this?…. Leverage our experience, best practice market research and benchmark your organization against industry leaders within the space.

3. Recruitment Training – We build customized client recruitment training for an organization’s recruiters, HR team, or Hiring Managers. We have over 20 different training modules to address specific recruitment obstacles.

If we can help you or your organization, let us know!

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Social Media Recruiting needs to be accountable

I’m always asking recruitment leaders to tell me about Social media recruiting in their organizations. What I find is that most companies got caught up in the craze and jumped on the social media bandwagon (in one way or another) and most are seeing marginal results,.. or are they?

We are starting to see more “accountability” put onto Social Media recruiting strategies with more data-driven results tied to programs, messages, interactions, social mediums etc. Organizations will be able to look back and find success patterns that work for them and really develop a Social media strategy that fits their organizational needs. Adapting social media tools and strong analytics will allow a more focused approach that embraces and directs the effort of all employees on social media.

Do you want to see the value of your Social Media recruiting efforts to identify, managing and developing talent?

Don’t lose sleep, just wake up and get in the game,… the right way.

Keep thinking,

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Referral networks and Social Media Recruiting-Your Best hires Come from Your Employees

With the use of “Referral Networks” you will begin to see the real power of an effective Social Media Recruiting Strategy.

Do you ever wonder what happens when you send a message (job, brand, culture, etc.) through the organization’s social media channels and then your employee/referral network pushes that message out through their social media channels? Think of it this way; the typical person has 150 friends in their networks, then every 100 employees is connected to 15,000 first-degree friends and 2,250,000 second-degree friends. THAT MESSAGE WILL GO OUT TO EVERYONE ONE THAT YOUR STAR EMPLOYEE KNOWS, WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON!!!!!

Leave it to your employees to build the trust bridge between your employee brand and their networks. There may even be a shift in your recruiting function as you start relying on employees to build your talent pools.

In 2012, we will see both large and small companies enabling employees to refer the best and the brightest to their teams. Has anyone every argued that your best hires come from your employees?

We’re just scratching the surface,

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